SIFF Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Petra Wright

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The ethereal Petra Wright is a German-born actress who is on her way to make a splash on the indie scene. Petra stars in “Desert Cathedral” which is given an intriguing narrative meets found footage treatment. She plays Annah Collins whose husband Peter, a real estate developer vanishes into the Southwestern desert in 1992 leaving behind a series of VHS tapes. Petra displays her range as the distraught women who in desperation hires a private investigator to unravel his mysterious disappearance. “Desert Cathedral” has indeed caught the attention of the industry bigwigs with some calling it a highly anticipated film which augurs well for the cast including the enigmatic Petra. As you will discover she’s already been lauded for having a memorable presence that has an edgy verve.

Petra has not once but twice garnered the Golden Seal Award for Best Actress for her exceptional work on stage. She’s enchanted audiences Off-Broadway and in several major regional theaters. On film, one of her memorable performances is as the medium by the name of Jennifer Glick in the horror film “The Pact” which stars Caity Lotz (Black Canary in “Arrow”). She also shone in “XX/XY” as a woman who falls for the charm of one Mark Ruffalo (before he was The Hulk) who is as slick as he is horny. In her upcoming feature “Wasteland”, Petra herself turns on the action as a bounty hunter pursuing a path of violence and murder along the Texas/Mexico border. With a series of incarnations that are so different onscreen, Petra’s bewitching versatility will have her shooting for the stars.

British Vixen: Chloe Farnworth

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It’s truly one of the great pleasures in life when introducing a vivacious and foxy talent such as Chloe Farnworth who is destined for eminence. Possessing a similar sex appeal reminiscent of Jeri Ryan and Kylie Minogue, Chloe is herself a tempting hottie with ethereal fair skin. In addition to being gorgeous, the passion she has for her craft is boundless. Directors have praised her energy every time she’s on set and it’s that very exuberance that will have Chloe eagerly recognized by moviegoers. She did sizzle in the indie horror film “BackSlasher” as Aqua, one of the girls invited to model sexy sleepwear which also puts her on the crosshairs of a sadistic killer. Chloe is stunning onscreen and this blonde goddess should be considered essential viewing.

She so kindly updated me on her blossoming career with the news she’s been offered her first US movie. Playing the lead of Shannon Mathews a English nanny working for the Preston Family, it’s filming in Philadelphia later this year and here’s a link to the website (She’s on the home page, looking a tad scary). The hits keep on coming with her wrapping up filming in the the lead role of Ange in “The Devil’s Bargain which will be released end of this year. Then “Get Lucky” comes out in Feb followed by the release of a horror comedy called “Crying Wolf “which will go to cinemas in the UK and US! Keep up with the latest updates by visiting the CHLOE FARNWORTH OFFICIAL SITE and since she’s moving over to LA in a few months time, her star is destined to shine brightly. Actresses with Chloe in their first name seems to be synonymous with success (e.g Chloe Grace Moretz and Chloe Sevigny) so look out Miss Chloe Farnworth to emulate their achievements and develop into one desired by devotees the world over.