SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Celia Diane

The captive allure of French actresses have a way of instilling devotion in our hearts and the ravishing Celia Diane will invoke a surge of passion this week. She stars in the existential cum trippy road trip indie drama “Zen Dog” which garnered its director Rick Darge a Film of the Festival award at last year’s Raindance Film Fest. Rick has indeed been spot-on with … Continue reading SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Celia Diane


Indie Darling: Joy Darash

@ Nick Holmes @ Nick Holmes There’s nothing better than featuring the beautiful faces shining in indie films and Joy Darash has a classy, bubbly appeal that we can’t get enough of in that very cherished genre. She’s starring in “Hunky Dory” which is premiering at a number of film festivals including the Cleveland International Film Fest on April 1st and the Atlanta Film Fest … Continue reading Indie Darling: Joy Darash