SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Woodes

With SXSW being a gala of all things entertainment including film, music and gaming, this is a special tribute to the sensational Aussie artist Woodes. I came across her song “The Thaw” on Youtube late one night and was instantly hooked to the lushness of the invigorating melodies. Many all over the world including “Scream Queens” star Emma Roberts praised and of course Twittered about … Continue reading SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Woodes

SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Celia Diane

The captive allure of French actresses have a way of instilling devotion in our hearts and the ravishing Celia Diane will invoke a surge of passion this week. She stars in the existential cum trippy road trip indie drama “Zen Dog” which garnered its director Rick Darge a Film of the Festival award at last year’s Raindance Film Fest. Rick has indeed been spot-on with … Continue reading SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Celia Diane