Sexy Siren: Lee Benton

I relish featuring actresses such as LEE BENTON who deserves mention even if viewers are not instantly familiar with her. The legendary Katherine Hepburn once remarked that men do have different tastes when it comes to appreciating the Women of Film/TV and while I may be somewhat partial to blondes, Miss LEE has secured my attention by being so charming. The re-emergence of Ellen Barkin … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Lee Benton

Hot Actress #439 – Rosa Pianeta: Sex Bomb is a website promoting Italian movies worldwide and as for me, I spotlight actresses from Europe and sexy Italian actresss ROSA PANIETA will be today’s featured talent. Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Violante Placido….these are names that define what it is to be an Italian Sex Symbol and now you can add the voluptuous ROSA PANIETA to this esteemed list! Just looking at the photos … Continue reading Hot Actress #439 – Rosa Pianeta: Sex Bomb