Sizzling Cutie: Emily Jackson


The exquisite Emily Jackson is a beguiling young talent with the fascinating ebullience to win favour with audiences. She will be appearing in “Incarnate” which sees a wheelchair-bound exorcist (Aaron Eckhart) expelling the entities from the possessed by entering their minds. Stories threading the exorcism route are growing rapidly in popularity with the advent of “Outcast” on television as well as “The Conjuring 2” and the upcoming “Ouija: Origin of Evil”. “Incarnate” is unconventional in the way exorcism is handled wherein the demons are dispelled from the subconscious rather than the physical body. The women in this film are most certainly desirable lookers with Emily joining the likes of Carice van Houten, famed as Melisandre from “Game Of Thrones” and Catalina Sandino Moreno. We may yet see Emily’s rise in the realm of psychological horror as she was a riveting leading lady in her previous feature “Headless”.

As Marie, the heroine of the hour who visits the remote woods of Milburn’s Gap, the scene of her sister’s grisly murder, she keeps us on tether hooks throughout this dangerous expedition. Especially since she stumbles on a family that’s pretty psychotic! Emily also showcased her boundless potential as a dramatic actress, essaying the role of Max McLean in the indie film “Living With The Dead”. Burdened by the suicide of her boyfriend, her descend into despondency with the use of recreational sex, drugs and parties subsides when she experiences a life-altering event. Emily is wonderfully accomplished in channeling the struggles of losing a loved one, sparking a genuine connection with the viewer. All signs point to Emily becoming an entrancing actress in due time.

Rising Starlet: Emily Killian

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Yet again the women of the indie world come to captivate us and the radiant Emily Killian should be one to covet in the month of July. Expected to be released on the 24th, “The Chosen” is an upcoming horror film that will see Emily in a pivotal role. This is not just a straight-forward story about evil spirits inhabiting hapless humans but a trip into the psyche of those touched by such a terrifying event.

Here’s Emily giving us a look at the juicy details as well as some of her future projects:

I play Megan, the girlfriend of our leading man, Cameron, played by YouTube star, Kian Lawley. The story is about the demon possession of a little girl and the choice her uncle and mom are left to handle when they learn the only way to save her is to take the lives of their own family members. It’s a really cool psychological look into how far we’ll go for the ones we love. My story line is a cool twist that complicates Cameron’s decisions. I can’t tell you too much because my role in the movie is pretty much to provide plot twists so… No spoilers!
The most interesting thing about being a part of this film so far has been the aftermath of playing the love interest of someone with such a huge and devoted (dare I say obsessive) fan base. I had never heard of Kian before the chemistry reads but I quickly learned that he has literally MILLIONS of extremely loyal young girls in his following and as someone like me whose social media experience was pretty much limited to Facebook, I have been getting a peek into quote a different world! For the most part his fans have been extremely kind and supportive of me but I have gotten a handful of (hopefully empty) death threats once the PR team released a screen grab of Kian and me kissing!

My Wet Hot America Summer role was very small but very fun to shoot. I played the date of one of the principal characters. He was using me to make Kristen Wiig’s character so we had a really fun scene together! I just finished shooting a web series called Behind the Blinds. It will come out in a few months and we can chat about that soon!

Following on from her recent stint on the TV series “Scorpion”, this cutie is steadily gaining our avid attention. Emily once remarked in an interview that ‘One of the ways you’ll find success in the industry is by being nice and friendly’ and that axiom has been proven spot on. Her lovable features are worthy of devotion and she’s on track to be a fresh face to be adored.