Ravishing Redhead: Samantha Buck

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Fetchingly engaging as a storyteller both in front and behind the camera, SAMANTHA BUCK is on the cusp of dazzling the world. At we speak, she’s gaining buzz as the director of the moving documentary “Best Kept Secret” which delves into the plight of underprivileged young children with autism. She’s already touching lives with this film that reveals a painful reality and an insight into a debilitating condition that needs our vocal support. Kudos to SAMANTHA for making us aware of the emotional core of autism.

You can catch her in the Lionsgate horror comedy “Hellbenders” as Penelope, the wife of a blasphemous minister who is not your typical exorcist. Dragging demons back to hell comes with all its vices including getting drunk, spewing vulgarities and fornicating. “Hellbenders” spins the devil posession tales that’s come before into one dirty, insanely sinful take on exorcism. In keeping with the bleak tone of the film, kudos to SAMANTHA for playing it real with minimal makeup as the wife who feels she’s been taken for granted by a supposedly saint of a husband. SAMANTHA is well known as Det. G. Lynn Bishop in Law & Order: Criminal Intent starring opposite Vincent D’ Onofrio. She’s also been active on television with roles in “Blue Bloods”, “Golden Boy” and “Sex and the City”. Just found out that SAMANTHA and me have something in common. We both used to work for MTV…:) It’s a matter of time before her work reaches an even wider audience and she’s recognized for her pure talents.

Sexy Siren: Lee Benton

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I relish featuring actresses such as LEE BENTON who deserves mention even if viewers are not instantly familiar with her. The legendary Katherine Hepburn once remarked that men do have different tastes when it comes to appreciating the Women of Film/TV and while I may be somewhat partial to blondes, Miss LEE has secured my attention by being so charming. The re-emergence of Ellen Barkin and Rebecca De Mornay (she was brilliant in “Mother’s Days) points to their indefatigable persistence and demonstrates that mature actresses continue to be highly fancied. LEE herself has comparably resplendent qualities and upholds the standpoint that we do covet older women onscreen. With her lustrous porcelain-skin and having glimpsed her photos from the premiere of her latest movie “DeWitt & Maria”, she’s the embodiment of photogenic allure (she is after all a former model). In this romance, she plays a woman who tries to matchmake her son but ends up having her own heart stolen…now who wouldn’t want to fall in love with LEE…:) Best known for her work on television, she starred alongside Stacy Keach in the “Mike Hammer” series and appeared in a recurring role on the long running soap “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

The recent indie horror “Legion: The Final Exorcism” sees LEE as a distraught mother who seeks a priest after her daughter is unknowingly touched by the Devil. Opting for the low-budget atmospheric creepiness similar to circa 1980s “The Evil Dead” (the first half at least) , there’s a pronounced creepiness as the film progresses to its inevitable exorcism conclusion. It’s observable that she mastered the emotional aspects of the arduous role. Having the Actress Obsession Blog reached the remarkable milestone of 300,000+ Views, I’ll always be indebted to the amazing ladies I’ve spotlighted whom I also call friends. The extent of LEE’s captivating merits does allude to the need for us to be in praise of older women.