Lifestyle Moments: Save Your Skin and Win!

By now everyone should know I’m the Blogger Community Manager for so I’m attending lots of food tastings and lifestyle reviews. I think it’s high time I start reviewing interesting food jaunts and businesses as this is a golden opportunity! Enhance the Metro-Sexual Revolution I Say! In my personal life, I’ve been struggling with acne so I thought why not make a change and … Continue reading Lifestyle Moments: Save Your Skin and Win!

Canadian Vixen: Jodie Dowdall

Ever so often, we give plaudits to the rising talents of Canada and the charming JODIE DOWDALL is a svelte brunette everyone should know about. Having recently heard how nice fellow Canadian Emily VanCamp, star of TV series “Revenge” is on set (one of her co-stars vouches that she is extremely down to earth and as lovely in personality as she is on screen), you’ll … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Jodie Dowdall