Rising Starlet: Erica Sweany


With the smile to melt many a heart, vivacious Erica Sweany might just be a gem in 2015 and beyond. Look out for her in the new series “Eye Candy” starring Victoria Justice where online daters can be a dangerous breed. Erica however will most certainly hold us captive as her character has an adorable innocence on the show and perhaps a little too pleasant for her own good. Here’s Erica revealing more about her role in the MTV series and her other interesting projects:

In Eye Candy I play Julia Becker, a nice girl who looks for love on the internet, but only finds trouble… I am currently performing in the Broadway show, Honeymoon in Vegas, starring Tony Danza. Also, I have a feature film in post-production due out late next year called “It Had to be You” starring Cristin Milioti.

This year she appeared alongside the supremely self-confident and screen maestro James Spader who is of course Red on “The Blacklist”. She also tickled David Letterman and late night audiences by singing a ditty that poked fun at the state of his show, thus confirming Craig Ferguson who recently retired is streets ahead…lol. Paul Shaffer even remarked how sweet she was and many will most certainly agree on Erica’s eye-catching glow. She’s already won Best Actress in a Musical for being endlessly charming in Curtains and it won’t be long before every one gets touched by her resplendence. Today I came across a cute girl during lunch and as our eyes met, it stirred feelings of excitable longing. Likewise Erica may well be that aesthetically pleasing actress who can enthrall the masses.

Drop by the ERICA SWEANY OFFICIAL SITE for more updates and browse the collection of photos that accentuate her undeniable appeal.

Sizzling Cutie: Susannah Hart Jones

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SUSANNAH HART JONES makes it easy for many a viewer to fall for her because she is both sweet and photogenic. One of the most indelible things which she has said was when describing herself as a free spirit. Thoroughly spunky in both body and spirit, SUSANNAH is incredibly gorgeous whether she’s modeling in fashionable threads or essaying a role. Think of SUSANNAH as the heavenly mix of Winona Ryder and Lacey Chabert, her attractive features proving to be unquestionably magnetic. In the indie horror “The Victorville Massacre”, she formed the triumvirate of hotties with Jen Nikolaus and Sonja O’ Hara who were terrorized by a serial killer. When talking about eye candy, SUSANNAH does indeed rank very high up!

Remember to visit the SUSANNAH HART JONES OFFICIAL SITE as you’ll be captivated by her recent swimsuit pics. How about the beaming smile and sunny personality of hers…..now those are appealing facets she has in abundance. Besides the horror genre, one of her must-see performances must be in the short film “Nude”. Set in the world of nude modeling, SUSANNAH plays a married women who confronts her illicit liaison during one particular session. She excelled in various degrees of intimacy her character was faced with. Primarily an indie talent, let’s hope Susannah gets her due recognition.