Kera O’Bryon

Blue-eyed beauty Kera O’Bryon is an accomplished actress and singer endowed with an elegant visage. She’s starring in “Christmas Ranch” as Erin Powers who seeks to list the ranch of Mary Evans (played by Francine Locke whom I featured recently) who unfortunately has been late in making her loan repayments. Her character Erin is certainly in no mood to be festive towards Mary even going … Continue reading Kera O’Bryon


Actress Spotlight: Grace Rex Women are genuinely becoming the centrepiece of fascination on TV and this week Grace Rex delivers with an impressive and emotive visage. In the latest episode of “Blindspot” entitled ‘Older Cutthroat Canyon’, she’s guest starring as Kristy, the assistant to a mysterious figure known as Zomo, who is regarded as a darling of the art world. She assists the FBI when one of the … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Grace Rex