TV Vixens Garnering Buzz This Fall in 2012

Kate Kelton as the Unforgettable Seductress Martine Mahler in “Bullet In The Face” Kate Kelton is a regular fixture on the Actress Obsession Blog precisely because she’s magnificently eye-catching. Revolutionizing an array of looks in her career, her latest is one to remember where she’s the femme fatale alongside the funny Eddie Izzard in “Bullet In The Face”. They’re the perfect match, volleying tirades at … Continue reading TV Vixens Garnering Buzz This Fall in 2012

Sexy Siren: Daya Vaidya

In the coming months, DAYA VAIDYA is going to be unforgettably mesmerizing and while Summer is not yet over, DAYA has me looking forward to Fall. That’s because she’ll entertain us as Queens Homicide detective, Nina Inara in the compellingly brainy “Unforgettable”…aren’t you glad they decided to dump the show’s previous title “The Rememberer” which to me lacked impact! Like what DAYA says in the … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Daya Vaidya