Indie Princess: Deanna Sherman

Deanna Sherman is a vibrantly beautiful actress and filmmaker who is about to have a dazzling impact in the indie genre. March will see the motherload of film festivals that celebrate innovative indie film-making and fans can rejoice as we are captivated by the ever growing list of lovable talents! Check out Deanna in the comedic short “Check Please” which screens at the Fargo Film … Continue reading Indie Princess: Deanna Sherman

Sizzling Cutie: Sara Lazzaro

Extremely easy on the eyes, Sara Lazzaro is a talent worthy of a passionate following as she’s a fascinating figure. This Italian-born actress has a distinctiveness about her, much in part to being a bilingual talent and having worked on both Italian as well as English projects. She does have the cultured essence that one can envision to be on par with the likes of … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Sara Lazzaro