TV Vixens To Crave – 5th October 2016

Annette Wozniak in “Paranormal Witness” – Her gorgeousness is matched by her geniality and that’s a big draw for viewers who will likely be enamoured with Annette Wozniak, one of Canada’s Blossoming Talents. – She appears in the episode ‘The Ranch‘ of the SyFy series “Paranormal Witness” on 5th October. Playing Andi, she as well as her parents and sister Brie experience a haunting caused … Continue reading TV Vixens To Crave – 5th October 2016

Indie Sweetheart: Farrah Aviva

The comely Farrah Aviva is dazzling up the family-friendly genre and giving us a taste of her onscreen charisma. Starring as the haughty Veronica Myles in “A.R.C.H.I.E.”, she might be playing the villain of the film but rest assured she’s infuses her character with attitude. One can say Katharine Isabelle is not the only sultry enchanter in this movie with Farrah having her own brand … Continue reading Indie Sweetheart: Farrah Aviva