Rising Starlet: Alycia Grant

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It’s a boon to see the future stars of entertainment in the comfort of our homes and the inviting Alycia Grant has an all round appeal that’s praiseworthy. She currently has a recurring role in “Chasing Life” on ABC Family where the series focuses on up and coming journalist April (Italia Ricci) who discovers she has cancer. Catch Alycia as Meg, a member of the cancer patient support group April is attending and this week in particular Meg has a more prominent role throughout Episode 8. Don’t forget to follow Meg’s progression (if you haven’t seen the series yet) in episodes 6,7,8, 14, & 17! With her and Italia’s character’s dealing with ‘The Big C’, expect them to strike up a bond.

Her run on television continues as she’s also in the upcoming season of CSI (season 15) specifically Episode 2! Likewise her short film “Chasing The Past” is screening at this year’s Rhode Island Film Festival on August 9 which sees her as a female time traveler. As the mysterious Natalie, she’s a female Dr Who of sorts who is on the run and inevitably her path crosses with a man who just suffered a tragic loss. Take a peek at one of the more tense moments from “Chasing The Past” here: https://vimeo.com/95068738. Some talents can tell stories with their eyes and Alycia affects the urgency of her character’s predicament with wonderful intensity. There’s a delicate grace about her that’s makes her an ideal figure of adulation. A sweet girl is deserving of ardor and plenty will have a soft spot for the beautiful Alycia Grant in the coming months.

Manhattan Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Tjasa Ferme

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Ravishing comes to mind when describing the delights of the beguiling Slovenian-born actress Tjasa Ferme. Especially since she’s a temptation in the indie dramatic thriller “Dutch Kills” which premieres at the Manhattan Film Fest this week. Hot of the Press: “Dutch Kills” has just won Best Thriller! It tells of an ex-con who together with his old crew try to pull off one last heist to rescue his heavily in debt sister. Her mesmerizing blue eyes are more than enough to stir our senses and Tjasa has done a fair bit of that in her burgeoning career. Earlier in the year, Tjasa sizzled in the show “Cocktales: Confessions of a Nymphomaniac”, a piece on female sexuality and she starred as Eve a woman who like all of us possess sexual urges. She so enthralled on stage that audiences were transfixed from the moment she embodied the nympho with a humanistic desire that’s in all of us. Got to love how the show was affectionately called a pussyfantasia with a man parade!

She’s also directed, wrote and appeared in the short film “Ophelia’s Flip” which graced the Cannes Film Festival back in 2012. It was quite the experimental self-portrait video diary of a girl and her exploration of the human condition (failings or otherwise) stimulates the mind. With her spread of challenging roles as well as her charismatic elegance, there’s only direction Tjasa is heading and that’s all the way to the top!

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