Indie Sweetheart: Danielle Baker

Indie horror is blessed with the most enticing talents and the ravishing Danielle Baker has the bewitching looks to She stars in “Oh, The Effing Horror” which is screening at the Northeast Film Festival – Horror Fest starting Dec 7th. As Luci Fuer, she’s on a camping date but with a killer on the loose, will the love fest be literally cut short? “Oh, The … Continue reading Indie Sweetheart: Danielle Baker

Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Caroline Macey Caroline Macey has the effusively vibrant personality that’s deserving of continual adoration and she’s yet again a luminous face at prestigious film festivals. She’s one of the stars in the compelling “Move Me” that tells of a couple encountering a bewildering man who can only move when he’s touched while they’re on a hiking trip! Screening concurrently at Dances With Films as well as … Continue reading Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Caroline Macey