Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 22 Jan 2016


Morgan Obenreder in “NCIS”


– Proof that the hottest new faces are blossoming right before our eyes, it’s time to catch the beguiling Morgan Obenreder in Déjà Vu, the 13th episode and Season finale of NCIS.
– Appearing alongside Michael Weatherly and Emily Wickersham, Morgan turns in an emotionally-driven performance as Navy Seaman Mary Burk whose best friend Alessandra Ramos is murdered in a case that’s ultimately full of twists.
– She’s already in our adoring sights on both television and film, notably enchanting hearts in the indie genre and this adorable beauty is destined to reach coveted heights!

Eugenia Kuzmina in “Dirty Grandpa”


– Check out the blonde bombshell Eugenia Kuzmia as quite the intimidating hippie chick by the name of Cathy in the comedy “Dirty Grandpa” starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron.
– Zac has to be one lucky guy being surrounded by a bevy of sexy women and Eugenia certainly has an infectious allure so much so in their scene together on film, she infuses it into her character, ruffling his feathers somewhat!
– Eugenia can also be seen alongside Bill Murray in the “Rock the Kasbah” so that means double the dosage of hotness this week from her.

Candace Hammer in “Scorpion”


– Adding on to her appealing work on “Criminal Minds” and “Aquarius”, Candace ensures her adorable nature is making inroads into our hearts with a guest-star role on “Scorpion”.
– In ‘Sun Of A Gun’, the latest episode of “Scorpion” as a forthright woman who is part of a speed dating night and even indulges in a rather posh British accent. Candace even appears in the trailer which means she’s a visual delight.
– She’s also pop up in the new show “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life” and kudos to Candace for making TV such a pleasure with her effervescence, a cheer-me up during this week when I’m feeling blue.

Renny Grames in “Riot”


– Renny Grames has the captivating features of a genuine indie sweetheart and on top of being ravishing onscreen, she’s such a versatile actress that we as indie fans salute!
– The prison actioner “Riot” starring Dolph Lundgren and former MMA exponent Chuck Liddell sees her as Trisha Sinclair, a district attorney working to expose corruption within the local prison and government.
– I love how she has a blog detailing her fitness lifestyle as well as her film endeavours, giving us a glimpse into her fascinating and lively world.

Sizzling Cutie: Jolyn Janis


The most luminous women are surely the draw on television so that’s more than enough reason to be fond of sweetheart Jolyn Janis. She can be seen in the finale of the 2nd Season of the surreal yet riveting series “The Leftovers” which will generate utmost interest this week. Jolyn does have a radiance that’s accentuated so gracefully on camera and if you like me have a weakness for blondes, she’s a darling that you’ll adore in no time at all. She has been lauded for being a screen natural thanks to her work on the indie drama “Far Marfa”. She dazzled as Quarry, the could be and should have been love interest of Carter (Johnny Sneed), a music producer who is searching for a missing painting. She is enchanting throughout and lets hope Jolyn get to revisit and shine again as a romantic leading lady in the near future.

One reviewer praised her as bringing an openness and generosity to her role as Quarry and who wouldn’t want to fall in love with the fetching Jolyn. We need our refreshing faces across all mediums and Jolyn does illuminate with instances of vivacity. She was also in the much commended western romantic tale “Doonby”, getting to smooch with the ruggedly handsome John Schneider and almost seducing him into submission. Sweet and endowed with delightful hints of tangible sexiness, Jolyn is a talent worthy of a growing fascination.