ScreamFest LA Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Sitara Hewitt

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SITARA HEWITT is a flawless beauty who shimmers with effervescence and a head turner with that comely allure of hers. I’m find myself feeling so lucky to be able to feature SITARA as she’s one of Canada’s TV stars having starred in the popular series “Little Mosque On The Prairie”. She has also been in an episode of the hit show “Lost Girl” which returns soon and recently guest-starred in the criminal drama “Cracked”. On “Little Mosque On The Prairie”, she plays against type and even dons the traditional Muslim head-dress to portray the outspoken Dr Rayyan Hamoudi who has a heart of gold. The clash of ideals with her more modern bethren has made for great drama and propelled SITARA into becoming an internationally recognized star. Being of Welsh/Pakistani descent has allowed her to seamlessly delve into several multi-ethnic roles and she’s even done a Bollywood comedy called “Bollydouble”.

Of course ScreamFest LA is in essence a horror festival so viewers will be treated to SITARA in the supernatural slasher called “Torment”. Her versatility comes to the fore as she joins fellow Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle in this ominously eerie film. When it comes to blood, it’s evident that SITARA would rate highly in the gorgeous stakes even if she’s covered with the crimson red. Just like Jessica Lucas who was in “The Evil Dead” earlier in the year, she could be on her way to be a highly fancied terror hottie. There seems to be a lot of goddesses such as SITARA swirling around our planet and entertaining us at the moment. Glad I’m a dude to be able to appreciate this wave of bewitching women from Canada!

Foxy Femme: Heather Roop

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Undeniably mesmerizing, the very photogenic HEATHER ROOP is one whose is synonymous with beauty and what it means to be beguiling. I recently had a debate on how I’m always in the proximity of the hottest women in the world (due to the nature of my work as a blogger community manager) and HEATHER has a recognizable allure that’s both spicy and sweet. If you’ve seen the action flick “Guns, Girls and Gambling”, you may have seen her steaming up the screen as Vivian who is as naughty between the sheets as she is at the bar enthralling men. Some call her a true Georgia peach and with that smokin’ hot, flawless body of hers, we can’t help but want to start an obsession for HEATHER. Being wickedly sexy on film is certainly one of her assets and we hope she continues in the same vein…:)

She previously worked with the cast and crew in hit comedy “The Hangover” although soon the stunning brunette could be a coveted Scream Queen in the making. First up she’s the leading lady in supernatural chiller “The Sacred” which will be followed by the Slash-produced “Nothing To Fear” alongside Anne Heche next Fall. Heather’s also in pre-production for a yet untitled horror/thriller starting in Atlanta on November 15. Everyone knows they can’t get enough of women in horror and with a series of high-profile roles, HEATHER should be receiving some loving adulation soon.