Aussie Vixen: Hannah Levien

In honor of Australia Day, today’s spotlight is on the radiant Australian actress HANNAH LEVIEN. It was in the role of a teenage runaway from the jarring flick “The Horseman” that I first came across HANNAH. The Horseman tells of the killing spree a man undertakes after first finding out his daughter (played by HANNAH) is dead and later discovering a tape of her heavily … Continue reading Aussie Vixen: Hannah Levien

Indie Princess: Shawna Waldron

SHAWNA WALDON most definitely exudes a proliferating sensuality, advancing the sort of infatuation we tend to find irresistible. One of the canniest actresses in the biz, she drew on her talents to become the ultimate seductress in “Poison Ivy: The Secret Society”. While we do remember how Drew Barrymore and Alyssa Milano steamed up the screens in previous installments, SHAWNA excelled as the manipulative student … Continue reading Indie Princess: Shawna Waldron