Actress Spotlight: Monique Ganderton

Stuntwoman extraordinaire and screen vixen Monique Ganderton is the rose among roses this week in one of Marvel’s biggest comic book adaptation yet. She stars in “X-Men: Apocalypse” as the Horseman of Death during the reign of the all powerful first mutant we know as En Sabah Nuh a.k.a Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) in Egypt. In the opening scenes during a transference ritual, this loyal lieutenant … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Monique Ganderton

Rising Starlet: Anna Konkle

As a fan, I’m yet again blessed to be fawning over television’s enchanter Anna Konkle who has a starring role on “Rosewood” as DNA specialist Tara Milly Izikoff. Well she’s actually been a delight for quite some time as TMI who happens to be the fiancee of heroic pathologist Rosewood’s sister, Pippy (Gabrielle Dennis). The chemistry between the duo is beautifully palpable and Tara’s backstory … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Anna Konkle