Indie Princess: Renee Domenz

RENEE DOMENZ is a blonde bombshell of the independent scene, always enchanting with an engaging presence many will find delectable. While there’s no doubt she has my vote just because I have a healthy devotion towards blonde actresses, others might already be partial to her immaculate attractiveness. It’s true she’s resplendent, from the shapely figure to her ravishing visage and there’s plenty more to revere … Continue reading Indie Princess: Renee Domenz

Hot Actress #489 – Dawn Olivieri: Sexy Siren

Since I’m so impressed by how widespread the rage for all things “The Vampire Dairies” has become, I decide today to highlight DAWN OLIVIERI, one of the newest and sexiest stars on the show. Any woman would love to be in her shoes as she gets to spend an obscene amount of time kissing and caressing (in the bathtub no less) as Andie Star, the … Continue reading Hot Actress #489 – Dawn Olivieri: Sexy Siren