SXSW 2014 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Allie Gallerani

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There’s never been a better time to showcase burgeoning young talents and Allie Gallerani is one to hold our interest starting this weekend at SXSW. Allie is actually now in Austin, Texas and will be part of the exciting film fest in support of the world premiere of her short film “Chocolate Heart”. This year’s SXSW is really the event to be mesmerized by fresh faces and Allie has loads of charms to make a play for our hearts. She is the leading lady of “Chocolate Heart” as Mary, a bored teenager who is kind of playing with the idea of being a temptress, catching the eye of a boy whose parents have just been turned into cats. It’s a quirky premise and having seen the trailer (above), those almost voyeuristic shots of Allie in slow motion are one of many highlights I’m sure…:)

The big news at the moment is that she’s slated to be on an episode of “The Good Wife” at the end of March! Couch potatoes will have seen her on TV in the gripping show “Elementary” playing Emily Grant, the daughter of Rhys (John Hannah), the old drug supplier of Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock. She was a kidnap victim and with a video ransom demand, Sherlock has to get to the bottom of the case with the help of another Emily, Watson that is. (Lucy Liu) before a precious life is lost. This was one of the darker episodes as we get an insight of Sherlock’s past as a druggie. She also dazzled in the intimate indie film “Emoticon;)” created by the wonderful Livia De Paolis (whom I’ve also featured here) which looks at love in the digital age and was a hit at Sundance. Steadily crafting a stream of varied roles, Allie’s career is picking up steam fast and we can’t wait to see more, especially that dazzling smile of hers!

Fresh Face Of The Week: Abbie Gayle

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Advocating newcomers in the industry has always been a calling here and with ABBIE GAYLE, here’s a sweetheart we will come to adore. I’ve taken up the mantle of featuring blossoming actresses since IMDB has somehow forgotten to continue their representation of new talents. The Fresh Face of The Week is a new category I’ve taken up in reverence to the hotties who could be heading for their breakout role. If you’re knee deep into the mythos of the TV show “Ravenswood”, spot ABBIE playing Abby Wheeler, the ex-girlfriend of the twin’s, Olivia and Luke Matheson’s father and who died 20 years ago in a high school science lab explosion. Their mom, Rochelle told them that she was trying to contact their dad to tell him that he was in danger and the police are looking for Abby because they think that she could be a suspect in his murder, but she’s actually a ghost. And she’s haunting them and making appearances so check out the snippet of ABBIE in the video (above) from Episode 4 called “The Devil Has a Face”. Let’s hope she returns in her non-corporeal form in future episodes as ABBIE’s enchanting in that ghostly visage and it would be great to see her story arc pan out.

ABBIE may still be in High School but she can certainly catch the eye. Hailing from Louisiana, her glowing skin and winning smile are why we men appreciate belles from the South. Makes you want to catch her other flick “Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators” which airs on the SyFy channel and she will be covered in blood (lots of it) in this creature feature about mutant gators on a rampage. As she hones her craft while juggling her studies, there’s ample opportunities for her to shine and become an accomplished actress.