Canadian Vixen: Christina Schimmel

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The era of obsession over Canadian actresses is now and the alluring Christina Schimmel has all the traits worth craving after. Not only is she ravishing, Christina is adept at essaying characters who possess degrees of complexity. She’s also appeared in controversial slasher “The Hospital” which was banned in Bulgaria and was taken off DVD shelves due to its depiction of hardcore violence. Deviant, dark matter is something Christina doesn’t shy away from and she’s returning for the sequel “The Hospital 2″ alongside horror legend Debbie Rochon. Christina herself played a Scream Queen albeit a faded one who is itching for her big comeback in “The Ghost Is A Lie”. Certainly horror is in her blood and she’s certainly one who belongs in any Sexiest Women In Horror List. Don’t you agree that the indie genre and television are both trumping film when it comes to foxy women such as Christina. Even with her delectable curves, she’s actually been complimented for her radiant smile and we’ll approve of that any day of the week.


Another thing we should know about Christina is that she has such a friendly nature and fans can always look forward to interaction which she’s fond of. Here’s Christina revealing some juicy snippets of what’s to come:

I shot a dramatic/action feature film called Mr.M by the warski brothers and my next upcoming project is a feature called our private home movie, which is the working title, it’s a thriller with horror elements by award winning director Nick McNaulty.

She was the lead in a film called “The Rising” but there’s going to be much to rave about her rise as an indie starlet.

Hoboken International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell Jena Waldron

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We so often fall at the feet of elegant women and once such actress is Jena Waldron, a classy hottie with many endearing qualities. She certainly represents the best of Texas ladies in both looks as well as personality and most will agree there’s nothing like a southern girl. Her friendly nature and vivaciousness emanates so positively, it can only lead to widespread ardor for Jena. With her appearance in the horror flick “Scrape” which has just won an award at this year’s Hoboken International Film Fest, she’s an indie talent worthy of avidity. In “Scrape” she plays a clubber living in an area where women have gone missing with the lore that a masked man is behind it all! Will she be alive at the end? No reveals here! You just have to watch the thrill a minute “Scrape” to find out!

This comes after her role in another survival horror film “Hostage” which was produced by her company Monument Motion Picture Group. As a producer, she’s been the driver of several exciting projects including a new reality TV show slated to be released in the coming months. Known for her creative pursuits, Jena is also a certified dance instructor and has won several competitions as a ballroom dancer. She has such a fervor for the entertainment scene and one can see it unfold beautifully every time she takes to the screen. Having seen her red carpet photos, it is evident Jena has a dazzling ubiquity. Let’s support the women of independent film and let’s show our passion for Jena.

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