Rising Starlet: Zoe Cleland

We love our riveting women from Canada and the charming Zoe Cleland will soon be catching our eye in 2016. This week, she’s guest-starring in the must follow detective series “Murdoch Mysteries” starring the ever suave Yannick Bisson. We’ve seen how women are ruling on television and film especially the indie genre so with Zoe in the mix, there’s every chance she’ll be given her … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Zoe Cleland

Rising Starlet: Megan Guinan

Megan Guinan could well be TV’s newest sweetheart and her amiable disposition is one of her many adorable facets. With a plum role on the new series “Limitless”, she may find herself being up high on the fondness scale. I’m thoroughly blessed to be writing about future stars like Megan and since this is the Golden Era of Television, there’ll be prime interest on her … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Megan Guinan