The Must Watch Vixens At Comic Con 2014

Soska Twins, The Sizzling Directors of “See No Evil 2” – The hits keep on coming for the dynamic Soska Sisters with the upcoming “See No Evil 2”, another cinematic triumph following their riveting body horror flick “American Mary”. – Jen and Sylvia will be in their full cosplay glory at the premiere of “See No Evil 2” as part of Horror Highlights on Thursday … Continue reading The Must Watch Vixens At Comic Con 2014

Indie Princess: Jennymarie Jemison

If ever there was a scene stealer on the indie scene then JENNYMARIE JEMISON is poised to wow us with her relatable appeal. Taking on the mantle of geek with a vengeful streak in “The Quiet Girl’s Guide to Violence”, her portrayal of the bookish Holly and the transformation to avenging angel is riveting! A standout depiction of Holly, a victim of childhood bullying who … Continue reading Indie Princess: Jennymarie Jemison