Mary Rachel Gardner

Championing appealing new faces in 2017 is a gift and the adorable Mary Rachel Gardner is ready to attain our warm approval. She stars in the web series “Fauk My Life” as Kaitline who while being the best friend of rising basketball star Amy Rising (Monique Sypkens) is also Amy’s fiercest competitor. With the trailer of “Fauk My Life” now on IMDB, there’s going to … Continue reading Mary Rachel Gardner


Foxy Femme: Romina Di Lella

Admirers will be pining for Screen Goddess Romina Di Lella this month as the German-Italian actress delivers her most enticing performance yet. Look out for the premiere of her thriller “Enemy Within” on 22nd Sep as she stars as the seductive Concetta. Here’s a synopsis of her film “Enemy Within” as well her immense contributions on and off screen: The movie takes you on a … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Romina Di Lella