Rising Starlet: Alexis Wolfe

October is truly the month of viewing pleasure and blossoming cutie Alexis Wolfe is slated to be a fascinating face on TV. She has a recurring role as Lindsay on “Nashville”, Juliette (Hayden Panettierie’s) new “best” friend who is expected to add spice into the popular drama and with big hair in tow. Describing her character as a vapid drunk, viewers can watched Alexis entice … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Alexis Wolfe

Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Rebecca Rowley

There’s a wave of talented actresses who are pushing the boundaries onscreen in riveting fashion and Rebecca Rowley is genuinely catching the eye. Prison can be a real bitch as in “Jailbait” where she has a meaty role as the unstable prisoner Switch in this no-holds barred indie film that’s disturbing as much as it’s uncomfortably eye-opening. From Sara Malakul Lane to Jennifer Robyn Jacobs … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Rebecca Rowley