Rising Starlet: Jenn Lyon

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With her irrepressible charm and brimming sensuality, Jenn Lyon is dazzling us with her chameleonic onscreen endeavors that warrant avid idolization. Viewers should already be enthused with her as she recently appeared on hit show “Suburgatory” with big hair and an even bigger attitude. She’s Georgia, the sister of Cheryl Hines’ character Dallas Royce who sparks a competitive row of sibling rivalry. She’s a scene stealer drawing the laughs during the moment when as the sisterly duo quarrel over their relationship with their deceased mom. The repartee between the two is so rapid-fire funny and reminds me of the banter from “Gilmore Girls”. The charismatic Jenn is just a delight as a comic actress and even away from the camera Jenn is irresistible!

Let me count the ways Jenn is an endearing sweetheart in my eyes:

1. Referencing my blog which highlights my obsession with actresses, she’s says ‘it is really cool what you’re doing for us‘.
2. Being a delectable blonde, she is right up there on my list of crushes.
3. The fact that she can be crazy,sexy and cool whilst handling a shotgun onscreen is reason enough to have a fixation on her.

She’s currently starring in George Lopez’s new sitcom “Saint George” on FX which premiered on FX. It’s got David Zayas from Dexter on it as well as Danny Trejo and Olga Merediz from “In the Heights”. She was mostly a theatre girl before she did 2 seasons on “Justified”. Check out the JENN LYON OFFICIAL SITE for more about her. I really love how it describes her as an actress best known for being hauntingly sincere and semi-clothed on “Justifed.” She did play the sexy barmaid Lindsay with tempting prowess and also proved to be a heartbreaker. On “Saint George” she plays Mackenzie, the all-American ex-wife of Lopez’s character, with whom she has a son and the cultural differences she has with his overbearing mother comes to the boil. She also stars in the 1 million+ views youtube video called “Movie Title Breakup” created by her comedy sketch troupe Poykpac and it’s so clever! Somehow even Jackie Chan’s Who Am I movie title managed to be incorporated into this amazing concoction! Jenn is making waves in a big way and who knows, she may just be the Lucille Ball of this generation…:)

Blonde Bombshell: Mindy Robinson

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MINDY ROBINSON undeniably represents the essence of hotness and her curves are an integral part of her immensely enticing personality. If you remembered Ali Larter announcing herself to the world with her whipped-cream covered body, then MINDY with cupcake cream over her bare essentials (see sizzling pic above) would be just as breathtaking. Now wouldn’t she be a dream date and that’s just what this single girl is espousing on George Lopez’s dating show ‘Take Me Out’. What we should know it’s she’s quite the intelligent hottie who gravitates towards brainy guys thus shattering any stereotypes we might have…:) Plus, MINDY is well-versed in the horror genre, recently appearing in the scarefest “The Haunting Of Whaley House” as well as filming the upcoming TV pilot series ‘Hell Hunters’.

With such an adorable face, MINDY was always tailor-made to be a comedienne and she’s going the funny route in “American Lie” as an aspiring Scream Queen. Add her numerous exposure in music videos such as on LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ and she’s been a dazzler on almost every media platform. Seeing how she’s granted me an online interview, I might just take up her offer soon! Just like me, many more are expected to be mesmerized by this Sex Bomb.