Rising Starlet: Jenn Lyon

https://vimeo.com/61495166 With her irrepressible charm and brimming sensuality, Jenn Lyon is dazzling us with her chameleonic onscreen endeavors that warrant avid idolization. Viewers should already be enthused with her as she recently appeared on hit show “Suburgatory” with big hair and an even bigger attitude. She’s Georgia, the sister of Cheryl Hines’ character Dallas Royce who sparks a competitive row of sibling rivalry. She’s a … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Jenn Lyon

Blonde Bombshell: Mindy Robinson

MINDY ROBINSON undeniably represents the essence of hotness and her curves are an integral part of her immensely enticing personality. If you remembered Ali Larter announcing herself to the world with her whipped-cream covered body, then MINDY with cupcake cream over her bare essentials (see sizzling pic above) would be just as breathtaking. Now wouldn’t she be a dream date and that’s just what this … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Mindy Robinson