Actress Spotlight: Elizabeth Saint


Elizabeth Saint is garnering plenty of buzz this week with her series “Ghosts Of Sheperdstown” from Destination America, the channel for all things supernatural. She’s a paranormal sensitive who with her team members Nick Groff and Bill Hartley investigate hauntings at Shepherdstown, the oldest one in West Virginia. Everyone loves a good ghost story and our intrepid trio venture into the often spooky world of apparitions to get to the source of the otherworldly events affecting the townsfolk. Here we have a modern day Lorraine Warren in the guise of the beautiful Elizabeth who also happens to be an actress, Model and Electrical Engineer. Her truly diverse wealth of talents can only intrigue us tenfold and we can’t wait to see her evolution in “Ghosts Of Sheperdstown”.

On film, the stunning Elizabeth has played a twisted femme fatale as well as a heartbreaker showcasing her intrinsic sex appeal and in similar fashion is on course to enchant the reality segment of television. This past day, Elizabeth has already made a sizzling mark on this blog and I’m sure many other media outlets. Paying tribute to the allure of Elizabeth is acknowledging the favourable approval from her growing fanbase who will be undoubtable in their yearning for her in the coming months.

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Screen Darlings To Crave @ TIFF 2015


1. Katie Boland in “Born To Be Blue”


– Destined to be Canada’s sweetheart, Katie has the undeniable beauty and immense talent that is deserving of avid viewership across multiple mediums
– What better than to have her graced this year’s Toronto Film Festival as she stars alongside Ethan Hawke who plays legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker in “Born To Be Blue”.
– She’s all about leaving viewers with a lasting impression and this enchanter is guaranteed to be a mesmerising watch year in and year out.

2. Maria Dizzia in “About Ray”

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– Maria is certainly adding star power to the ensemble cast of Naomi Watts, Elle Fanning and Susan Sarandon in the complex gender identity drama “About Ray”.
– She is consistently absorbing onscreen having also appeared as MaryJane Longo, the wife and brutal murder victim of James Franco’s character Christian Longo in “True Story”.
– On Television, she is best known for her role on “Orange Is The New Black” as Piper Chapman’s best friend Polly Harper.

3. Lindsay Burdge in “Lace Crater”

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– Compellingly beautiful, Lindsay has blossomed into one of indie cinema’s best discovery with her adeptness at crafting often vulnerable nuances with understated brilliance.
– In 2015, she already has an amazing track record in intriguing movies which includes “Up The River”, “The Midnight Swim”, “The Sideways Light” and “6 Years” with Taissa Farmiga.
– She keeps us hooked once more in the supernatural meets lo-fi drama “Lace Crater” as Ruth, a woman who has a ghostly encounter that defies explanation!