Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 5 June 2015

1. Courtney Hope in “Bones” – Courtney amps up her sex appeal in the new episode of “Bones” as Elizabeth Collins, a woman we learn is in an affair with her yoga instructor and winds up a murder suspect. Of course, her character appears in rather tempting photos from a website known as Peek-A-Pic! – Cometh Courtney the fast rising TV starlet having guest-starred on … Continue reading Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 5 June 2015

Rising Starlet: Liz Fye

Enigmatic Goddess Liz Fye channels old world glamor and an aura of allure that’s a big turn-on. With her accommodating nature, she could well be every film fan’s Dream Girl. Like a movie star from the golden era, film is precisely the medium where her beauty so beguilingly stands out. She’s set to take your breath way playing the troubled vampire Koia in writer/director Adam … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Liz Fye