Rising Starlet: Alison Sieke

Film Festivals are where we get a glimpse of talents who should be on our radar and ALISON SIEKE has mesmerizing features that will give rise to many a crush. Her allure reminds me of another hottie with the first name Alison…Alison Lohman that is and we can all discern Ms. Sieke herself is a photogenic sweetheart with an attractively fresh sparkle. It’s her budding … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Alison Sieke

Blonde Bombshell: Michele Hailey

Over the years, sci-fi and horror have always paved the way for the most desirable femmes. You can palpably count the titillating MICHELE HAILEY as being one for she will mesmerize possibly anyone who chances upon her. Besides being an actress, MICHELE’s other spellbinding profession is of course as a Master Hypnotist or in her saucy words the consummate ‘Hypnotits’…hehe. She’ll leave you delirious with … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Michele Hailey