Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips

TRACY PHILLIPS is a striking agglomerate of risque sensuality and nostalgic radiance, a glamorpuss at the pinnacle of her feminine wiles. There’s an extroadinary woman! Those were the very words uttered when TRACY appeared in all her Belly Dancing glory from a scene in “Charlie Wilson’s War” where she beguiles leery eyes to further diplomatic ties. She followed that up with a tease of an … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips

Quirky Saucy: Sarah Buehler

YAY! It’s the time of week where I spotlight actresses who have forged an identity that heralds their unique appeal. With her elaborately fierce body tats, piercings and raven eyeliner, it can be deduced that SARAH BUEHLER has a penchant for Goth subculture. Onscreen she takes being fashionably gothic to an engaging level sometimes with hilarious results for instance her appearance on “The Big Bang … Continue reading Quirky Saucy: Sarah Buehler