Actress Spotlight: Romi Dias

Glowing beauty Romi Dias is having a great run on television in 2016 and it’s time we acknowledge the admirable grace she brings to the screen. Catch Romi as Detective Jordan Valdez in the new episode ‘N.S.F.W.’ of “Major Crimes” which is into its thrilling 5th Season. Romi is a vision of unflappable poise as Detective Valdez who is consulting on a case involving a … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Romi Dias

Actress Spotlight: Lacy Marie Meyer With her vibrant grace, Lacy Marie Meyer has the innate star quality and she’s set to be a dazzling vision at the Palm Beach International Film Fest 2016. She’s the leading lady of the film “Second Chance” as Heather, a woman whose life is in tatters after a home invasion gone sideways. Unbeknownst to her, the very person responsible for her misfortune decides to … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Lacy Marie Meyer