Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Lucinda Rogers


Expect the vivacious Lucinda Rogers to be one of the riveting faces during Cannes with her gracefulness worthy of admiration. What better than to laud the talents who are already at Cannes and Lucinda will be promoting her short film “Laura Point” which has been accepted in the Short Film Corner. Lucinda is a mesmerizing presence as she takes us into the sombre world of Laura, a woman grappling with the inevitable fate of going blind. A resonating character exploration by this up and coming captivator that should make everyone feel blessed for all the things we take for granted.

Here’s Lucinda giving us an insight into her leading role in “Laura Point” as well as her intriguing projects ahead:

My experience working on Laura Point was, at once, the most difficult and the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. When I work on a role as an actress, I cannot lie. So I have to make that character real — I have to dig very deep and find the Lucinda that IS Laura. Laura became me; I became Laura.

I was able to find the ways in which we are similar — in strength and in weakness. I love how Laura is confident, I love how she is strong — but you find out that her confidence and strength is superficial, and when it is tested, she struggles desperately, and almost gives up. I think everyone can relate to this, it’s inherently human; but I really identified with the ways Laura wanted to be strong but found she wasn’t; how she wanted to avoid being tested, but she couldn’t.

I fell in love with Laura, and she is most definitely a huge part of who Lucinda is, now! For all of her flaws and all of her mistakes, I love her and always will, and I root for her.

Daniel, the writer and director, was with me every step of the way. He supported and guided me through this gnarly but beautiful exploration. It came to a point where we didn’t even need words to communicate; we could just share a look! Since we both share an intimacy with Laura (he wrote her, I became her), we will always share that closeness.

At the same time, I am working on something wildly different right now! The fun part about being an actor is finding all of these characters within yourself, and pushing your own boundaries to see what you can become. I am right now working on a piece that I originally performed at The Lynn Redgrave Theater in NYC, with the Culture Project. We are still rehearsing and developing this piece, which is soon going to be produced by the Working Theater in NYC. It’s called “Everything’s Whispered.” I play a receptionist who, from the outside, is very superficial, bitchy, and conceited — but really she’s just taking out her own feelings of inadequacy on everyone else. It’s a comedy though, I swear!

I am constantly reading and working on things to stay inspired. New York is such a diverse, stimulating place, and there is always something thrilling to be engaged in. I am just lucky to be here and lucky to be working with such talented, driven people.


It so happens she was also in “Greek”, one of my fav TV shows where I got to know several screen sweethearts which includes the beautiful Lucinda of course! She’ll soon be pleasantly nestled in the hearts of audiences.

Remember to check out the LUCINDA ROGERS OFFICIAL SITE

Canadian Vixen: Vanessa Walsh

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Blossoming cutie Vanessa Walsh is as richly talented as she is radiant and she could soon be the apple of our eyes. It’s now prevalent in Pop Culture that Canadian Actresses are riding their rightly earned wave of popularity, from Stana Katic (Castle) to Laura Vandervoot (Bitten), the passion for them are an all time high. Likewise Vanessa has the innate potential to be just as desirable to the world.

Audiences would have already caught glimpses of the enticing Vanessa in the very first episode of “Olympus” and things are about to get interesting for her character in this new SYFY series steeped in Greek Mythology. Here’s Vanessa with a tease about her recurring role as Alexa in “Olympus” and her upcoming pet projects:

So Alexa, she is King Aegeus’ courtesan. As you saw in the first episode she is helping Medea keep Aegeus well, as he has been hurt in battle. Alexa was actually picked by Medea to be his courtesan.

As for other projects I’m involved in, well my team and I just completed our short film, Chiral which is now being submitted to festivals around the world. I acted, helped develop story and produced it alongside Karen Lam and Nelson leis. We have another feature film in the works, a tv series and a web series. As you can see I am very interested in creating my own content.

Regarding her work in “Olympus”, she’s acknowledged it was really amazing to get to work on a practical set as opposed to working on a green screen set, which at least half the show is filmed on. Whilst experiencing Ancient Greece, she reckons it’s fantastic and fun to be able to be truly immersed in it. She was able to walk through those giant doors that are so common in those times. Wow! Can’t wait to see her once more in the episode ‘Daedalus’ on April 9th and throughout the season.

As for other actors that Vanessa would like to work with, she has a long list which ranges from Mindy Kaling to Helen Mirren. And she also would love to work with the director Paul Thomas Anderson. A gorgeous face to keep note of, Vanessa could soon be the darling of many.