Sexy Siren: Courtney Turk

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Sultry and sweet, COURTNEY TURK has twice the pleasing qualities to leave us enthralled. I love an actress who is a mix of European and exotic Asian that as we all know to be double the mesmerizing effect. Courtney has Indian lineage which melds so well with her Greek Goddess allure. It’s apt that her upcoming film is called “Devilish Charm” and undeniably viewers can expect Courtney to be wonderfully captivating. With her camera-loving attractiveness evident in every photo, she’s replicating it as well in features she’s done so far. Having done a fair bit of research on the net (it’s not called stalking by the way…hehe), there was an artist a year ago who even sketched a colored portrait of her which shows she’s much envied…:)

Courtney appears in “Bonnie and Clyde Justified” which has just been released on DVD. Her previous role was in “Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft” and while these were supporting roles, I’m sure she’s due to be a leading lady any time soon. On IMDB, she’s in a list of women who have been described as ‘Pure Hotness’ and visiting the COURTNEY TURK OFFICIAL SITE would substantiate that claim. It’s great that this blog has become the avenue to shine the spotlight on so many up and coming hotties such as Miss Courtney Turk.

Sexy Siren: Patricia Kara

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She’s the Mediterranean Goddess with the sweet, outgoing personality, a trait most will find appealing in PATRICIA KARA. When it comes to listing the most gorgeous women in entertainment who are of Greek descent, PATRICIA is right up there with the likes of Maria Menounos and Jennifer Aniston. Athletic and slim, at first glance you’ll be hooked on her stunning features as her bikini photo shoot (above) demonstrates. The PATRICIA KARA OFFICIAL SITE has more photos which has seen her on the pages of fashion mags and even made the cut on People Magazine’s ‘100 Most Beautiful People’. The Chinese believe the number 9 is auspicious and seeing how PATRICIA used to be the model carrying briefcase no. 9 on popular game show “Deal Or No Deal”, she’ll be blessed over the coming years.

We should remember her fondly as a video vixen too, having appeared as a money-hungry mistress in the hilarious music video “Marry For Money” by Trace Adkins as well as the fitness video “Get Ready Get Fit Get Real & Deal With Your Body”. Every article I’ve read about PATRICIA endorses the fact that she’s always regarded as a perfect 10. As the host of the show “Hit Music Central” showcasing the hottest artists on the world stage encompassing a variety of genres, more fame beckons for her. We don’t need a second invitation to become a fan of PATRICIA KARA!