SOHO Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Aynsley Bubbico


The eternal charms of Aynsley Bubbico is thorougly praiseworthy and this rising star is charting her way to continuous success. This dazzling gem of indie film and television takes on the tribulations of love as Jane Dawson in the edgy “EVOL: A Love Story” which premieres at this year’s SOHO Film Fest. One of my screen heroines thanks to memorable turns in shows such as “Greek” and “Hart Of Dixie”, look out for her to take the indie scene by storm too. The big news is that Aynsley is set to guest-star on the upcoming “24:Legacy”, the spinoff of the popular “24” helmed by Kiefer Sutherland. Her exquisiteness and personable nature is such a joy to behold as she effortlessly reels us in with her gifts of storytelling.

She also recently played Quantum Computer Girl, aka Tracy Green (Aynsley Bubbico) who is quite the intriguing figure on the 2nd Season of “Stitchers”. She’s quite the brainy woman as in one of the stitches by lead Kristen (Emma Ishta), she is seen doing math equations for a quantum computer on the plane and becomes a suspect in an unusual murder case. Aynsley is one of the most eye-catching actresses on our planet and we’ll be devoted to this enigmatic sweetheart across multiple mediums for a very long time.

Foxy Femme: Angie Papanikolas


We say yes to Greek Goddesses and they don’t come more tempting than the curvaceous Angie Papanikolas. She’s playing Lieutenant Lopez, a sultry kick-ass heroine alongside Danny Trejo in the actioner “Cyborg X” who together make up a band of survivalists fighting an army of machines. Female action starlets are so well in demand and Angie represents the tenaciousness in her character Lt. Lopez with enterprising vim.

Angie has so graciously provided some juicy info about her role in “Cyborg X” and several of her other projects:

I have the honour to play the tough, kick-butt character Lt Lopez in “Cyborg X”. She strives to be the toughest soldier she can be. She is a fighter, survivor and protector. Lopez is an awesome strong female character I am proud and honored to get to play. I trained my butt off to get there mentally and physically. I had about 3 weeks before we shot and I was able to get to doing pull-ups, which I do in the film. Those are real! I have been able to do 60 push-ups in a min in the past, but never pull-ups until now!

When I met one of the lovely producer’s of the film at Comic Con in SLC, Utah and I asked her if they were still casting the film and that I would love to audition, she immediately said to me, “Lopez?!” I sent in my audition video a few days later and the rest is history. It was pretty meant to be. I felt like the role was written for me.

My projects include a cameo in the WW2 film War Pigs starring Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Luke Goss. I get to play the temptress at a pivotal point in the film. I also model for my sister’s jewelry line, instagram @standfirmbeauty and I also do other catalogue, beauty, fitness and swimsuit modeling. My instagram is @angelstudio7

I am a Greek-American Actress from SLC, Utah. I have a large, fun greek family and we are very much involved in each other’s lives and very supporting and loving. My mom was an actress growing up. She had a scholarship for musical theater and played some major roles. My Yiyia Irene (Yiyia means Grandma in Greek) wanted to be an actress and wrote Hollywood. They sent her a letter back saying she was absolutely beautiful but too tall for the leading men at that time. She was 5’10. I feel like acting is just in my blood and I’m so thankful and blessed to doing what I love and to have the doors open for me. I am so thankful to be given these opportunities and look forward to doing more this year, and even getting involved in producing some really great stuff down the road.


Angie is not only a force of nature on film, she also happens to have a relatability that indie fans love to see. Slated to appear in “Freemasons 2” as FBI special agent Odessa Lee, she’s bringing the pain and look mighty fine doing it! Angie has also excelled as a host and model, showcasing her poise at multiple fields so be sure to check out the ANGIE PAPANIKOLAS OFFICIAL SITE for the latest news.