Sizzling Actresses To Love This Valentine’s Day

Cathy Baron in “It Happened One Valentine‚Äôs” – Memorable for her performances as the damaged junkie Teri in the hit series “Justified”, Cathy Baron is a stunning, kissable actress with an adore-worthy essence that’s been beautifying film, television and print. – She appears in the romantic comedy “It Happened One Valentine’s” and if you head on over to Cathy’s blog, she looks radiantly sexy in … Continue reading Sizzling Actresses To Love This Valentine’s Day

Rising Starlet: Jules Wilcox Her take my breath away looks is just one part why JULES WILCOX has a captivating presence. Luminously enchanting, she does ensure the parts she plays are fetchingly spot-on and with the necessary depth. Her guest-starring role as Dr. Hilyard on “Teen Wolf” was distinctly filled with the butterfly effect as her character became yet another victim of the Darach. Those nasty flying critters … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Jules Wilcox