The Sizzling Women To Crave @ FLIFF 2017

Rosie Fellner in “Patient 001” – An elegant face from the UK, Rosie Fellner is a head turner of the screen who has worked with some of the finest actors in Hollywood. From big screen features to indie fare, she’s blossomed into a charismatic enchantress. – Rosie is the epitome of an English Rose and a British Vixen in the twisted film “Patient 001” as … Continue reading The Sizzling Women To Crave @ FLIFF 2017

Ravishing Redhead: Annie Boon

ANNIE BOON is an award-winning actress with an expansive radiance that’s unmissable. The Season 3 premiere of “Hung” has Annie in some scenes that will make some blush whereas I like to think it’s perfectly natural to have them in a show that deals with gigolo sex and that famed well-endowed pecker. As they say, the provocative series “Hung” does hit all the ‘Hard’ spots…hehe. … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Annie Boon