Days Of The Dead 2017 Spotlight: Ellie Church

When one is as prominent as the ravishing Ellie Church during this weekend’s Days Of The Dead in Indianapolis, Indiana, all eyes are sure to be adoringly trained on her. She appears in a cavalcade of horror films during the 48 Hour Independent Film Fest that has been a thrilling fixture at Days Of The Dead over the years. On Friday this week, she stars … Continue reading Days Of The Dead 2017 Spotlight: Ellie Church

Sizzling Cutie: Emily Jackson

The exquisite Emily Jackson is a beguiling young talent with the fascinating ebullience to win favour with audiences. She will be appearing in “Incarnate” which sees a wheelchair-bound exorcist (Aaron Eckhart) expelling the entities from the possessed by entering their minds. Stories threading the exorcism route are growing rapidly in popularity with the advent of “Outcast” on television as well as “The Conjuring 2” and … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Emily Jackson