Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 23 Feb 2015

1. Sarah Booth in “Helix” – From embodying the indie princess and now a sci-fi vixen, Sarah exudes a beguiling essence that’s certain to leave us engrossed. – “The Scarehouse” showcased just how riveting she can be with her portrayal as a maniacal revenge seeker one that even the Joker would be proud of, – Currently guest-starring as Sister Olivia in the second season of … Continue reading Hotties On Film, TV & DVD – 23 Feb 2015

Indie Princess: Sarah Booth

Canadian cutie Sarah Booth is establishing herself as one to watch with her stirring collection of roles. The indie horror genre once again shines thanks to the talented Sarah who is very much the leading lady in “The Scarehouse”. With her predilection for dark roles, it’s fitting that she’s a scene stealer in this Saw meets Mean Girls horror flick which screens on Nov 15 … Continue reading Indie Princess: Sarah Booth