Rising Starlet: Shevaun Kastl

Captivating with a Capital “C”, SHEVAUN KASTL has certifiably pleasing yet insanely gorgeous features, reflective of her enchanting nature. Her appeal is one of growth, reeling us in with absolute sweetness and one that extends beyond the screen. Recognizable for being on hit shows such as “Criminal Minds” and “Revenge” where she first came to my attention, SHEVAUN is natural in her delivery of the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Shevaun Kastl

Hot Actress #489 – Dawn Olivieri: Sexy Siren

Since I’m so impressed by how widespread the rage for all things “The Vampire Dairies” has become, I decide today to highlight DAWN OLIVIERI, one of the newest and sexiest stars on the show. Any woman would love to be in her shoes as she gets to spend an obscene amount of time kissing and caressing (in the bathtub no less) as Andie Star, the … Continue reading Hot Actress #489 – Dawn Olivieri: Sexy Siren