HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: Dasha Kittredge

The most mesmerising women are hitting the web in luscious fashion this week with the gorgeous Dasha Kittredge a cert for endearment. She stars in the hilarious web series “Drunk Hawk Man” that delves into the notion of what would happen if some famed DC superheroes were inebriated. As the sultry Dinah (who I’m sure is a nod to Dinah Lance), she’ll literally kick you … Continue reading HollyWeb Festival 2017 Spotlight: Dasha Kittredge

Rising Starlet: Renee Dorian

It’s always awesome to see the funny women rule and RENEE is refreshingly enchanting, with her natural ability to make us laugh. She has actually been working in the entertainment business for almost a decade! RENEE is has just released her comedic web series “CLUED-LESS” that she created/wrote/executive produced and starred in! “CLUED-LESS” is a comedy web series based on true events told by a … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Renee Dorian