Foxy Femme: Mary Christina Brown

The exotic and enticing Mary Christina Brown is a talent of many flavours, establishing herself as a most alluring actress in the indie arena. She stars as Swan alongside Michael Jai White in the high octane actioner “Vigilante Diaries” and is the epitome of all that is fine about being dangerously sexy. As the right hand woman of Michael’s suave character Barrington, she partakes in … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Mary Christina Brown

Sex Bomb: Casey Durkin

Quiver in excitement as you behold Actress/Model/Designer CASEY DURKIN who also happens to be a former Miss Los Angeles. Most of us can’t wait to catch her in the parkour actioner “Freerunner” where she’s wonderfully perky in the trailer (above). Exposing her boobs to the contestants involved in a life and death race and cajoling them to enjoy the priceless view (which could be their … Continue reading Sex Bomb: Casey Durkin