Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Marzy Hart

It’s always intriguing when an actress can pull off a myriad of looks and Marzy Hart will be of notable resonance at Dances With Films. She’s co-producing and appearing in the feature “Landing Up” which centres on a savvy woman Chrissie (Stacey Maltin) who learns to be a pick-up artist to make end meet. That is until she meets the man of her dreams! Marzy … Continue reading Dances With Films 2017 Spotlight: Marzy Hart

Sizzling Cutie: Katherine Browning

Indie darlings are the apple of our eyes and vivacious KATHERINE BROWNING is well on her way to be the captivator of hearts. She is starring as Lily, one of four college coeds who discover their landlord suck souls from unsuspecting women in “4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker” which has just been released on DVD. Late Night Talk Show Host Craig Ferguson once said … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Katherine Browning