Sizzling Cutie: Kayla Harrity

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Fast rising starlet Kayla Harrity is a vision of adorable gorgeousness and many will find her appealing to their inner fancy. With her Facebook Fan Page having an amazing 162,000+ likes, Kayla’s quite the internet sensation. She is also a television personality and blossoming actress having reported on the red carpet from the 82nd and 83rd Annual Academy Awards and the 31st Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards. She’s also interviewed some of the hottest celebrities including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Matt Damon. On film, you may have seen her in the Mark Wahlberg hit “Ted” and the indie drama “Sexting in Suburbia”.

My wish is to see her one day act alongside Lacey Chabert seeing how they could easily be sisters although she has said she could have been Anna Kendrick’s half-sis. I reckon it’s all in her smile that’s certain to stir hearts aplenty. Kayla has been eye-catching recently on the Lifetime TV movie “The Assault” which is the grim tale of a sexual assault on a school cheerleader. She played Izzie, also a cheerleader who seems to have ties to the case. In 2015, she’s slated to star in the upcoming horror flick “The Witching Hour” starring Michael Madsen and William Forsythe. This anthology of terror has its share of sexy moments as well as scares to keep you thrilled! She is indeed a sassy gal with a versatile approach on screen that is a joy to watch. A bright and beguiling all round talent, this could be her time in the limelight.

Remember to drop by the KAYLA HARRITY OFFICIAL SITE for all the juicy updates.

Hill Country Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Blonde Bombshell KataLina Parrish

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Blonde Goddesses are our obsession for a very good reason and the ravishing KataLina Parrish will no doubt turn heads everywhere she’s seen. Fans who turn up at the Hill Country Film Fest will be able to catch her in “Roswell FM”, the indie rom-com that goes into rather quirky territory. It stars Brenden Fehr (remember him as Michael from the beloved series “Roswell”?) as a man who may see his dream of hosting a UFO-themed talk show be dashed on account of his family commitments. Check out the pic (below) of KataLina in a scene with Brendan Fehr at a diner.


Besides her stint in “Roswell FM”, KataLina is a model/host who has traveled the world appearing in campaigns for Coca Cola, LV and many more. She’s has also been busy shooting a new series for Netflicks entitled “Cold Storage” down in New Mexico and has several other features on the horizon. New Mexico is by far one of my dream destinations and I hope to be able to meet up with KataLina one day! Just like those aspiring male exponents from the hit web series “Enter The Dojo” where she played the foxy Danielle, I’m sure I’ll be fawning over her. KataLina’s hot curves and sultry voice are an observable temptation and her charm radiates from every photo she’s in. I especially love some of the stuff she’s done as a vintage beauty. Check them out at her Facebook Page. Summer is fast approaching and you can count KataLina to be on the list of sizzlers.