Jessica Radloff Gives Us A Starry-Eyed Look at the Emmys


Mayim Bialik of “The Big Bang Theory” fame calls Jessica Radloff one of the most awesome red carpet hostess alluding to her having the best smile and best bangs. At this year’s Emmys, she proves that and more even getting luminaries such as Anna Farris to pull funny faces. The actress turned hostess of Glamour Magazine is becoming a star in her own right as her interviews with Tinseltown’s finest always keep bringing on the smiles…:)

Unfazed by the bigwigs of entertainment, Jessica is the epitome of poise. At the Emmys, she managed to get Cat Deely and a few female celebs to call Jessica’s mom to find out who won the Rams game. Best part is they got along like they were long-time friends! Not being biased or anything but I loved that the interviews were done with so many stunning women so kudos to Jessica and Glamour Magazine for giving us such a Babe Fest!

Read up on her awesome review of the Emmys here:

Jessica actually hasn’t slept for 24 hours but when it’s one of the biggest event of the year, her dedication is unparalleled. Hope I can tag along with her next year and be wowed by all the glitterati too….:)

Digital Vixen: Jesse Draper

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The hottest women of the web such as the delectable JESSE DRAPER do have a special place in our hearts and especially so when she’s a standout for being a multi-media enchantress. The Twin Cities Film Festival happening right now is one way to catch a glimpse of JESSE for she appears in the world coming to the end themed comedy “It’s A Disaster”. What a fascinating ensemble of actresses in one movie with the like of Julia Stiles and America Ferrera together with JESSE being the poster girls of unconventional foxiness. Seeing how she is the founder and creator of the intriguing web show “The Valley Girl Show” where popular entrepreneurs from tech/business world visit, it’s a cool spin on the interview format we’ve been accustomed to. JESSE also created a goofy “Valley Girl” persona that not only resonated well with viewers but regularly keeps her guests at ease.

Whoever said we are no longer inventors probably hasn’t seen the ingenuity of the clever Miss JESSE DRAPER. It was sparked off by the monotony she discovered in her younger years auditioning at casting calls where every girl bored a resemblance to her. She may have got her big break in more orthodox fashion on the Nickelodeon series “The Naked Brothers Band” so kudos to her for charting an atypical path to fame. JESSE has attracted a huge following on social media and we can’t wait to see her next evolution as a performer.