Digital Vixen: Jesse Draper

The hottest women of the web such as the delectable JESSE DRAPER do have a special place in our hearts and especially so when she’s a standout for being a multi-media enchantress. The Twin Cities Film Festival happening right now is one way to catch a glimpse of JESSE for she appears in the world coming to the end themed comedy “It’s A Disaster”. What … Continue reading Digital Vixen: Jesse Draper

Sexy Siren: Daya Vaidya

In the coming months, DAYA VAIDYA is going to be unforgettably mesmerizing and while Summer is not yet over, DAYA has me looking forward to Fall. That’s because she’ll entertain us as Queens Homicide detective, Nina Inara in the compellingly brainy “Unforgettable”…aren’t you glad they decided to dump the show’s previous title “The Rememberer” which to me lacked impact! Like what DAYA says in the … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Daya Vaidya