Sizzling Cutie: Heidi Kristoffer

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There should be no doubt of my fanaticism for blondes and HEIDI KRISTOFFER is easily one of the bubbliest gals with quite the burgeoning sexiness. You’ll be able to catch HEIDI pretty soon in the tale where Dr House tumbles into bed with one of your fav Gossip Girls…salaciously scandalous you say!! That’s the premise of “The Oranges” as Hugh Laurie and Leighton Meester mine the May-December romance in the dramedy opening on September 10th at TIFF 2011. While details are sketchy (Where’s the trailer??), HEIDI is bound to be eye-catching as she amply did on the TV Series “White Collar”. Exuberantly flirtatious as Claire, one of two French Vixens who prove to be more than a man can handle (in this case FBI Agent Peter Burke)…personally a gentleman should never refuse a Ménage à trois even on camera! I’m sure we all noticed her lithe, athletic bod since HEIDI is a polished Yoga Instructor on top of her acting endeavors. Gotta love the tag line “SWEAT.LOVE.BREATHE.HEAL” on the YOGA WITH HEIDI Website.

Also, make sure to visit the HEIDI KRISTOFFER OFFICIAL SITE as she maintains a juicy blog detailing both her yoga profession and various updates on her acting/modeling gigs. Recently, I was reading up on Louise Brooks, the very cool siren of silent films with the signature bobbed haircut and there was a picture of HEIDI fabulously dressed in her image for a shoot. Just like how remarkably flexible she can be on the yoga mat, she’s adept at reproducing varying personalities on screen. This honey has been called a hidden gem, a nod to her engrossing moments in the indie slasher “Mothers Day Massacre”. It’s time we acquaint ourselves with this captivating lady!

Hot Actress #465 – Keiko Agena: Sizzling Cutie

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For me, there’s always been two delectable reasons why “Gilmore Girls” was an instant TV Classic. Don’t get me wrong, Lauren Graham was impeccable throughout but it’s the twin charmers of KEIKO AGENA and Alexis Bledel that kept me hooked in its 7 year run. As Lane Kim and Rory Gilmore respectively, their witty quips and retorts were priceless as were their boundless adorable factor..:) I’m positive that fans have KEIKO in their hearts for giving Asians a strong presence on television in immortalizing one of the most endearing, recognizable characters ever seen. She certainly banished racial stereotypes in a hurry…kudos! It’s great that after “Gilmore Girls” ended, she returned to grace us with her radiant self in episodes of hit shows “Castle” and “House”. If you think that supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be the only eye candy in “Transformers 3”, look closely as KEIKO is slated to feature in this massive blow-em up third installment. Let’s hope she’s allowed to inject her sagacious charisma into the blockbuster..:) Meanwhile keep up-to-date with this sweetie at the KEIKO AGENA OFFICIAL SITE.

On her profession, this irrepressible Japanese-American actress doesn’t perceive being Asian as a hindrance to a successful career, choosing instead to focus on how to better opportunities for herself and her contemporaries. Up till now I’m still in awe of how KEIKO (as LANE KIM) conjures those clever repartee sometimes at break-neck speed; Gilmore-isms that became such a consuming passion for couch potatoes. While she’s active on the theater scene as well as pursuing her artistic endeavors, we all secretly hope she top-lines her very own TV Series. I’m ecstatic that she replies to postings by fans on FACEBOOK whenever she can…what a darling so huge props to her!