Sexy Siren: Emmy Robbin

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The indie scene has its indisputable pool of luscious ladies and with a drop dead gorgeous bod like hers, EMMY ROBBIN invigorates the flames of desire in us. EMMY may be familiar to viewers as the hot deputy from Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and since then, she’s come into her own as a leading lady of some gripping features. She stars in the brutal “I Didn’t Come Here to Die” with some reviewers adoringly calling her an uber-beauty and all the praises directed at her are entirely spot on. This Texas Hottie is quite the dead ringer for Shania Twain and just like the country singer, we can’t help but have an amorous inclination for EMMY. She has that playfulness waiting to burst out and she was beguilingly par excellence in “I Didn’t Come Here to Die” as Sophia, the team leader of a band of misfits who somehow find themselves in a never-ending circle of bad situations while stuck in remote woodlands. For all of the film’s exploitative gore, its originality in dispensing with a Jason-type psycho stalking its victims and the emphasis on striking characters will have us riveted! Emmy herself has indicated she had fun working on the movie and we do get to see EMMY in a romantic liaison of sorts that will endear the actress to audiences.

“God $ave The Red, Black and Blonde” is one upcoming feature which I’m sure many will be highly anticipating as EMMY plays one of four Texas women who are planning to fleece a convenience store. Having watched the teaser (above), I can’t wait for those feisty gals to turn the heat up as they partake in bitching and debauchery prior to executing their heist. If you must know, there seems to be a concensus among viewers that they have an obsession for EMMY’s body and why not when she cuts such a sumptuous figure on camera. This is one statuesque raven-haired goddess we’ll be craving in a flash so watch out for EMMY ROBBIN coming to a screen near you.

Rising Starlet: Madi Goff

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Texas gals have often been viewed as being sweet, funny, and smart which definitely applies to the gloriously adorable MADI GOFF. A multi-hyphenate with a hippie sensibility, she’s full of creative energy and currently harnesses that dynamism as a writer, actress, improviser and stand-up comic in LA. Surprisingly it’s a horror flick that MADI’s bound to make a lasting impact and does so with sensationally hideous effect in “I Didn’t Come Here To Die”. As the high-strung, nerdy Miranda, the booze-filled trip she’s on leads to a stomach-churning repercussion she’ll never see coming. Let’s face it, we snigger at people getting maimed in ingenious ways and this film zeros in on the stupid decisions we humans choose with a savagery that never lets up, even trumping that sick show “1000 Ways To Die’! Check out the the production clip (above) from “I Didn’t Come Here To Die” as MADI shows us just how resounding of a screamer she is whilst in ghastly makeup that could rival The Ring’s devilish Sadako! It’s a renaissance of sorts for satires on 80s Horror and the New Orleans Horror Film Fest happening this week is the place to be if you’re up for some of the most shocking moments perpetrated for visual consumption.

Furthermore premier horror portal Bloody Disgusting are feting MADI as a standout for her turn as Miranda, whilst exasperating as we know how geeks sometimes can be does have endearingly redeeming traits. She smoothly pulls off both the amiable and irksome facets of her character. A visit to the MADI GOFF OFFICIAL SITE reveals more about the many hues of this colorful hottie, her ‘bye-o-grrr-fee’ (ie. biography) a must read! This may be the time to celebrate Halloween month but it seems more and more like the Attack Of The Cuties with us growing in fondness with the exploits of the lovely Miss MADI GOFF.