Rising Starlet: Melanie Cruz

For me, the immensely luscious lips of MELANIE CRUZ is instantaneously striking and we’ve already been treated to her beauty on television more than once. Having scored a guest-starring role in the pilot of “American Horror Story”, widely expected to be hauntingly impressive when it premieres, the prominently fetching MELANIE should be capturing hearts soon enough. You may have spotted her on hit shows “I … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Melanie Cruz

Hot Actress #482 – Denise Gossett: Indie Horror Queen

We better be ready to shout her praises and make the rafters ring as DENISE GOSSETT is the very soul of the annual SHRIEKFEST. Borne out of frustration by the lack of venues to screen her very first film “Chain Of Souls”, she founded SHRIEKFEST, gained immediate success and created a phenomenon that’s been pivotal in shaping the horror genre. Now approaching it’s 11th year, … Continue reading Hot Actress #482 – Denise Gossett: Indie Horror Queen