Actress Spotlight: Natalie Roy

It’s another round of adulation for the women on television and a wave of affection is imminent for the luminous Natalie Roy. This Canadian beauty guest stars on ‘Sheltered Outcasts’, the newest episode of the long running hit show “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Natalie appears as Mrs Levy whose friend Mary is unfortunately raped by an attacker that deftly uses a homeless shelter … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Natalie Roy

Hot Actress #492 – Samantha Ivers: Sizzling Cutie Nobody does a gangster movie better than the respected US Film Community and the star-studded “GOAT” continues that unadulterated hard-hitting edginess. I too have a thing for the ladies of gangster films ever since Faye Dunaway brandished a gun as the notorious femme fatale in “Bonnie And Clyde” in ’67…ok I’m not that old but it’s a classic that can be had on the … Continue reading Hot Actress #492 – Samantha Ivers: Sizzling Cutie