Hotties Of Horror @ Film4 FrightFest 2015 – Part 2


1. Akasha Villalobos & Danielle Evon Ploeger in “Last Girl Standing”

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– Get ready to be entranced by the standout performance of Akasha Villalobos in her leading role as Camryn, the survivor of a killing spree in the moody “Last Girl Standing”.
– What sets the movie apart is its exploration of the tormented psyche of a woman who while alive is mentally scarred with bouts of paranoia deftly depicted by rising indie starlet Akasha.
– The endearing Danielle plays a new acquaintance, inciting a new fear for Akasha’s Camryn as her past trauma creeps back into her life. Both Akasha and Danielle have been praised for their chemistry and authenticity in a “slasher” that plumps for character development.

2. Caroline Williams in “Tales Of Halloween”

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– Undeniably one of the sexiest Scream Queens ever, Caroline is a big draw for fans all over the world and London is certain to clamour for her name too.
– It may be a cameo on the anthology flick “Tales Of Halloween” for Caroline but when it comes to Halloween-themed tales, she’s consistently a riveting watch which has seen her venerated as a horror icon.
– In an interview, Caroline has said she relishes appearing on red carpets, screenings, festivals and that means horror aficionados will be showing affection to her for years to come!

3. Elizabeth Sandy in “Goddess Of Love”

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– The sex and violence drenched “Goddess Of Love” will surely be one of the most anticipated premiers and why not when the enticing Elizabeth Sandy joins a female-fronted cast.
– From darker interpretations to the lighter side of life, this cute Aussie transplant to LA is giving us a glimpse of her multitude of charms.
– If you’re following Jack Black in “The Brink”, watch the radiant Elizabeth give us plenty reasons to laugh alongside Tim Robbin’s US Secretary of State Walter Larson.

4. Fanny Valette in “Night Fare”

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– There’s more than enough reasons to watch the terrifying yet fast-paced French film “Night Fare” and a big one has to be it being graced by the seductive Fanny Valette.
– Fanny stars as a woman who encounters the two unlucky souls who are being methodically hunted all night long by the crazed cab drive after failing to pay him.
– Just like Emmy Rossum, she’s able to tap into the innocent as well the foxy strand of the female DNA, her inherent sensuality is unforgettable!

5. Josephine De La Baume in “Road Games”


– With London being the centre of attention at FrightFest, it’s not a surprise that a French Vixen such as Josephine is beautifying the scenery both on and off camera!
– Both an action and a horror movie, “Road Games” sees her as VĂ©ronique who together with her hitch-hiking partner gets embroiled with unsavoury people in rural France.
– This triple threat starlet is a fantasy girl for a growing number of fans who have a taste for Euro flavor by way of her artistic yet sensual nature.

Hotties To Crave @ Nashville Film Fest 2015


1. Christine Lakin in “Somebody’s Mother”


– When one is both saucy and a sweetheart as many viewers would agree in reverence towards Christine, it’s fitting that she’s a talent who effortlessly puts a smile on our faces.
– In the comedy short “Somebody’s Mother”, she plays Maggie, an uptight daughter and leaves all that sauciness to her sexy onscreen mother Alice played by Sharon Lawrence.
– She does indeed exude a convivial essence which should install her as one of the most genial actress on our great planet and garner the love of fans worldwide.

2. Farah White in “The Ladies Of The House”

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– Farah headlines the horror flick “The Ladies Of The House” as Lin, a women who together with her sisterly cannibals who have an appetite for male flesh.
– On May 1st, “The Ladies Of The House” will be available on iTunes and you can see Farah shine as the tough yet motherly maneater Lin!
– Noted for being a storyteller on both sides of the camera, she’s the stunning indie darling with an undeniable appeal.

3. Rory Uphold in “HelLA”


– Rory has been lauded as a girl crush and that’s so fitting seeing how she’s both gorgeous and seriously gifted at crafting moments that leave us tickled pink.
– Her funny as hell web series “HelLA” has that love/hate relationship with LA (which some people do on a daily basis) depicted with such authentic hilarity in all its awkward glory!
– With the huge success of “HelLA” must surely come more zany adventures in Tinseltown so keep your eyes peeled for Season 2 in the coming months.

4. Lynn Lowry in “The Peripheral”

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– Regarded as one of the finest horror actresses ever, Lynn is an endearing icon and she’s still one of the sexiest women in the genre that’s scaring up a storm.
– In the suspenseful short film “The Peripheral”, she plays Dr. Redding whose patient who is afflicted with a phobia that may just become reality.
– She’s also appearing as a nun in the upcoming creature feature “Sky Sharks” (everyone love a monster flick) which will no doubt cement her popularity in sci-fi lore as well.

5. Tjasa Ferme in “Larry Gone Demon”


– This Slovenia-born actress has been dazzling up both the theatre and film scene, a scene stealer in siren-like fashion.
– Obviously Tjasa is a Goddess and she complements her beauty with her intense work which has seen her excel at conveying diverse facets of her characters.
– Catch her in “Larry Gone Demon” as a Russian gangster who gets tangled up in the misadventures of 3 twenty-somethings and their devilish room-mate.