Foxy Femme: Rachel Lara

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The most bewitchingly talented women are in the indie horror genre and RACHEL LARA is an all-round sizzler. Star of the slasher flick “Killer Holiday”, she plays Taylor, a former juvenile delinquent who together with her friends discover they’re not alone on a Spring Break road trip. Channeling the psychotic tendencies of her character, RACHEL proves that sometimes madness can be desirable for some. Already famed for being a video game icon and a gamer girl, we would love to see more of that tempting personality of hers. Being a model, RACHEL epitomizes the genial hotness that’s has been a trait for generations to be adored by the masses. She’s also been described as being an amiable actress, oh how we love our women of cinema who like RACHEl are so accommodating!

Immediately Professional Zombie Slayer as seen on the RACHEL LARA OFFICIAL SITE stands out. Actually she’s a playable character in the Resident Evil video game ‘Operation Racoon City’ and she’s definitely on hand to deliver zombie bashing aplenty! This year’s Halloween may have come and gone but our obsession with horror princesses never fades away. Likewise, the fondness for Miss RACHEL LARA is expected to grow rather quickly!

Foxy Femme: Elea Oberon

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A vixen for life, ELEA OBERON does indeed look absolutely divine onscreen. She’s a surefire saucy reason to watch “The Butterfly Room” since she makes her entrance wearing a revealing black dress. As you can see from the image on the trailer for the “Butterfly Room”, the pain expression on ELEA’s character Monika points to her being terrorized by something or someone. Without spilling the beans too much, let’s just say she gets somewhat “shafted”. Although ELEA projects quite an allure especially in this role of a social escort specializing in a body fetish. What that fetish is you’ll have to find out by watching this suspenseful and exciting thriller. There’s also the fact that scream queens such as Barbara Steel, Camille Keaton, Heather Lagenkamp and Adrienne King are also in the film. ELEA herself did an amazing job playing Monika with shades of nonchalance yet on the pulse of a harsh reality.

This is what she said when I asked her her role in Butterfly Room and her experience working with so many female horror icons:

“Well my favorite was Barbara Steel. What a terrific lady to work with. Such a fun personality, and talk about an Icon…. She gave me my first lesson in Divahood ;). We had a little bird on set, and I love birds, and wanted to feed it a little something to bond with it. She suggested I have someone go get me an apple. I of course was rather shy and did not want to disturb anybody, especially as we were about to start a shot. And she said, with her gorgeous British tones “no, no darling, you must take care of yourself” and promptly called over someone to have them go fetch us an apple. She was also wonderful to work with. Her eyes just grab you and hold you. And she can be so chilling, for such a warm person. Yes, she was tons of fun.”

It’s always great to hear on-set experiences and ELEA is surely going to update us on her career ahead. She’s on the road to be highly fancied talent that’s for sure!