Hotties on DVD, TV and Film – 8th September 2014

1. Amanda Fuller, ChloĆ« Crampton & Alberta Mayne in “The Brittany Murphy Story” – It takes an idol to play an idol and Amanda Fuller who is coveted as an indie/television starlet plays Brittany Murphy, one of the shining talents who just like Marilyn Monroe died young. While the biopic has raised controversy, Amanda should be lauded for her multi-layered, emotionally tinged interpretation of a … Continue reading Hotties on DVD, TV and Film – 8th September 2014

Sexy Siren: Stepfanie Kramer

Some actresses we’ll have crushes on for life and when STEPFANIE KRAMER appeared on “The Secret Circle”, she stoked our passion once again. Portraying Kate Meade, one of “the elders” in the popular show of teen witchcraft, there was a sinister side to her no one saw coming, not even by heroine Cassie Blake. Strong and wily onscreen, STEPFANIE made a lasting impression on audiences … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Stepfanie Kramer