The Women Of Altered Carbon: Lexi Atkins

Yet another binge-worthy series such as “Altered Carbon” to pique our interest for the ravishing Lexi Atkins who guest-stars on this futuristic Netflix series. Set in a era where immortality is achieved by having our consciousness kept in spinal implants known as ‘stacks’ and transferable between bodies known as ‘sleeves’, viewers are in for a sensory trip. Lexi appears on Episode 9 entitled ‘Rage In … Continue reading The Women Of Altered Carbon: Lexi Atkins

Courtney Lakin

There’s no better time than in 2017 to be fond of blossoming faces of television and the entrancing Courtney Lakin should already have us under her spell. Courtney announces herself on “Sleepy Hollow” with bewitching charisma in her guest-star role as the witch Marg who is mesmerizing as she is malevolent. Marg’s witchcraft puts Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) and new team … Continue reading Courtney Lakin