Rising Starlet: Debra Harrison-Lowe

It’s a brand new week and what better than to exhilarate its start with Sporty, Fresh-Face DEBRA HARRISON-LOWE. The actioner “House Of The Rising Sun” may be a vehicle for WWE Superstar Dave Batista yet you know you’re going to be hooked on the immensely foxy DEBRA. That’s because she has a rather steamy scene in bed with Danny Trejo…is he a lucky guy or … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Debra Harrison-Lowe

Tribeca Hottie Special: Rising Starlet Cora Benesh

With such an ethereal radiance, CORA BENESH exhibits a hippie chic resplendence that grows on you. It’s as though she’s been transported from the counterculture movement of the 60s to the modern day. Seeing how I have a soft spot for the ‘Flower Power’ comeliness that Zooey Deschanel and ChloĆ« Sevigny embrace so divinely, it’s a cinch to be smitten with CORA. Certainly as a … Continue reading Tribeca Hottie Special: Rising Starlet Cora Benesh