Indie Princess: Amanda Bauer

“The Myth Of The American Sleepover” is the sort of moody piece that has a way of introducing glowing newcomers and one such ingĂ©nue is AMANDA BAUER. Placing the weight of the movie on such young shoulders is a brave move but AMANDA together with co-star Claire Sloma excel in their turns as teens with blossoming desires. AMANDA provides the cherished moments in “The Myth … Continue reading Indie Princess: Amanda Bauer

SIFF 2011 Hottie Special: Indie Princess Sarah Hagan

Ahh….the feeling of friendship and love is a wonderful thing and experimental film “Jess + Moss” has a telling sentimental vibe that’s presented in a unique style. Notable Images of the cassette tape at the beginning of the trailer (above) I’m sure brings back some vivid nostalgia of our childhood. The film’s indelible premise of two carefree souls on a journey of discovery is driven … Continue reading SIFF 2011 Hottie Special: Indie Princess Sarah Hagan