Indie Princess: Amanda Bauer

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“The Myth Of The American Sleepover” is the sort of moody piece that has a way of introducing glowing newcomers and one such ingénue is AMANDA BAUER. Placing the weight of the movie on such young shoulders is a brave move but AMANDA together with co-star Claire Sloma excel in their turns as teens with blossoming desires. AMANDA provides the cherished moments in “The Myth Of The American Sleepover” as Claudia, the newbie in town who has a penchant for kissing and not telling! She adeptly captures both the awkwardness and rash deviousness of her character Claudia who lives it up before the daily grind of high school is rekindled. It’s a relief to know that Young Hollywood is not all just about Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift even if we are forced fed the mass hysteria. Rising starlet Brit Marling for instance doesn’t subscribe to the ‘IT’ Girl tag and AMANDA herself believes in being passionate for her craft, putting fame firmly at the back of her mind. She may be in her 20s yet the outlook she has on her blossoming career speaks volumes of AMANDA’s grounded principles. Her diversity as an actress is equally impressive having taken on roles as a suicidal teenager, a nerd and even a Devil Worshipper! Now Amanda’s star is rising fast with her appearing in the hit series “Mad Men”.

She’s seen as being relatable to audiences, especially since a New York Times reviewer cited her standout performance in “The Myth Of The American Sleepover”. Her luminously fair features are as enthralling as her engaging presence on film and you already know I’m in AMANDA’s corner with her being such a cute blonde. With another indie feature and the teen comedy “Messina High” based on William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” in the pipeline, AMANDA is destined to make her mark and leave us yearning for more.

SIFF 2011 Hottie Special: Indie Princess Sarah Hagan

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Ahh….the feeling of friendship and love is a wonderful thing and experimental film “Jess + Moss” has a telling sentimental vibe that’s presented in a unique style. Notable Images of the cassette tape at the beginning of the trailer (above) I’m sure brings back some vivid nostalgia of our childhood. The film’s indelible premise of two carefree souls on a journey of discovery is driven by actress SARAH HAGAN who is divine in the role of Jess, the 20-something looking for solace after being abandoned by her mother. This leads to a bond with her cousin Moss, a 12-year old whose life is in a funk just like her. You might recognize SARAH as the cult figure Millie Kentner on “Freaks & Greeks” and also Amanda, ass-kicking Vampire Slayer from “Buffy”. SARAH has indicated that she’s very proud of the film and why not seeing how she has garnered numerous plaudits for her moving performance. With those gorgeous blue eyes, adorable voice and interesting likability, she’s someone you’ll be fawning over in no time. With SIFF 2011 now in full swing, “Jess + Moss” which screens Saturday the 21st is your best chance to watch the ethereal SARAH HAGAN dazzle.

If you go over to the SARAH HAGAN OFFICIAL SITE, you will find it’s also a portal showcasing her creative side with an impressive collection of original artwork in addition to her movie-related stuff. I urge you to check out her ‘Ultimate Fighter” impression in the bittersweet short film “Someday We Will Get Married” (above), a tale of first love that doesn’t always end up being your eternal love. I’m captivated by how beautiful she looks in pretty much every scene, excelling in a romantic capacity as she has so often does with those distinctive ‘Geeky’ incarnations she’s brought to life. From established TV Starlet to rising indie darling, SARAH is a good-natured talent who more than takes your breath away.