Cindy Chu

To be supportive of Asian faces on television is a wonderful thing and the glowing Cindy Chu merits our generous ardor. She has a co-star role on the “Macgyver”-“Hawaii Five-0” crossover episode which sees her as Mayumi a scientist trapped in a building after an earthquake in “Hawaii”. She has scenes with Lucas Till in an intense episode. Crossovers are all the rage and it … Continue reading Cindy Chu

Juliana A. Morgan

Her attractiveness straddles the vista of sweetness and sensuality which makes Juliana A. Morgan a most desirable indie talent. She stars in the horror film “Recovery” that sees a sick family ritual played out at the detriment of teen girls where they are systematically selected to be a lifelong mate. Juliana appears at the start as Hilary, one of the targets who will learn the … Continue reading Juliana A. Morgan